Dreamland VRestaurant- Eat real gourmet food in VR!

If you or your organization would like to book a group dinner with us, please reach out to schedule a reservation. A reservation includes a conventional group table dinner. Each guest will have a scheduled time slot to eat in the virtual restaurant.


Plated dinner.

6 dishes, menu below.

Menu (subject to change):

Real food: Clementine sections with hibiscus apricot jam, radish, and nasturtium flowers.

Digital counterpart: palm tree flower petals, vibrant fuchsia, delivered by the wind from a nearby tree

Real food: Dragon fruit pudding in a kiwi skin wrap

Digital Counterpart: Tarantula

Real food: Chargrilled chicken with almond ricotta

Digital counterpart: A flaming coal delivered by a fiery phoenix

Real food: Crispy beef wonton with broccolini

Digital counterpart: Beating heart in a tiny cage

Real food: Tuna sushi with fresh mint

Digital counterpart: A piece of icy sushi delivered by the blowhole exhaust of a flying whale

Real food: Pumpkin ravioli

Digital food: Pumpkin attached to a vine that regrows slowly after you eat it

Research on Virtual eating.

Virtual eating impacts taste perceptions.

Emotional response to virtual food by people with eating disorders.

Virtual context effects peoples’ perceptions of healthy vs. unhealthy foods.