Is your organization eager to understand what opportunities and challenges new media formats pose? We have more than a decade shared experience working with corporations, governments, and foundations to help them understand the emerging future. We’re here to help you.

  • Leadership Development. We build immersive experiences for leadership development events. Immerse your attendees in virtual worlds designed to teach, test, and transform. We also create coursework and lead events and sessions.

  • Strategic Consulting. We can work together to help your organization understand its role and potential in this emerging media landscape. Whether you’re a utility company, agribusiness, local government, or university, new media formats pose transformative opportunity if harnessed correctly. Through interviews with you or your leadership, we can identify and build out an assessment and a roadmap of directions you ought to consider.

  • Presentations, Demos, and keynotes. Got a conference or workshop? We’ve presented in Denmark, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Germany, France, Nigeria, Dubai, China, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Kenya, and across the United States.

  • Custom VR experiences. Let’s work together to prototype something world-changing. This could be a consumer-facing experience, a journalism piece that brings you into the story, a data visualization experiment, or much more.